Saturday, January 06, 2007



Anyway, I'm enjoying a quiet weekend after the prior non-quiet weekend. New Years was a lengthy evening that resulted in dancing at the endup until 5AM. It felt just like España! Sadly, unlike España, there were no purveyors of churros and chocolate to welcome us as we stepped outside the club. That would have been nice, especially since the last drink I had was a jaegermeister and red bull shot which tasted like Robitussin. Great suggestion, Mark.

So in the quiet of this night so far I can ponder a nice assortment of mundane thoughts. I do have deep thoughts, by the way, and am deeply troubled by the state of the world. While I work those out let me just say
  • United Airlines "Economy Plus" is bullshit. Being 6'6", I find a bit of comfort knowing that I may, just may, have a chance to sit in the Exit Row when I fly. But no, United has decided to add legroom to the front of the plane and then charge for it. As much as 50 bucks extra each way for me to actually not have by knees jammed into the seat (and that's before the dip in front decides to recline). And where did they take this legroom from? I'm guessing the seats in the back. United has also taken it upon themselves to charge for curbside check-in, meals, snacks and they are apparently nickle and diming their employees because the staff is consistently the rudest bunch in the air. Friendly skies, my ass.
  • Loved The Queen
  • Did not really like 1 vs 100. It's no Deal or No Deal.
  • We are actually watching Vas or No Vas on Telemundo right now, which I think is better than Deal or No Deal.
OK that's enough


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