Wednesday, December 27, 2006

best discovery of english speaking comedy duos recommended by friends from Commonwealth countries

Yes, behind the times again here. These are both new to me discoveries, but I am thrilled that this is now a category.

1. Little Britain
English Duo, recommended by Canadians. Generally very crass and inappropriate sketch humor, enhanced by great makeup and costumes and a strange feature where essentially each sketch can be boiled down to a single memorable line. Favorite line: Computer says no. Second favorite line: Bitty.

2. Kath and Kim
Australian Duo, recommended by Australian. The Australian single camera comedy which is so fast and hard to understand, and very funny. Further evidence that Australians and Americans share a common trashiness in culture. Favorite line: Thin Ice, Sharon. Second favorite line: It was all about the Shah of Iran. Very interesting, but I don't agree.

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