Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Film roundup 2K6

Now venturing into territory that treads on the usual critical folks, so I will try to be somewhat innovative in my observations:

Movies I Really Liked

  • Little Miss Sunshine
    This movie was shown on the plane yesterday! I've never heard a plane laugh so much. I really loved watching this film in the theater. The movie after it on the plane featured Aaron Eckhart, William Hurt, Ian McKellen, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange and, yes, Brittany Murphy. I didn't have the earphones in, but it looked liked a start-studded piece of shit.

  • Borat
    Sure it was mean. But so is America.

  • Stranger Than Fiction
    Entertainment Weekly looked down on this movie as "Charlie Kaufman Lite." Since when does Kaufman get sole dibs on Cinematic post-modernism?! Beautiful performances abounded and a sneaker ending that had me in tears. I think the problem was that the film was marketed as a comedy. I don't think it was.

  • Little Children
    A special shout out goes to the narrator from Frontline who adds even more bizarre to this gem of a film. Among the most enjoyable voiceover narrators because it actually became a character

Movies I Should Have Seen But Haven't

  • The Last King Of Scotland

  • United 93

  • A Scanner Darkly

  • The Queen

  • Half Nelson

  • Casino Royale

  • An Inconvenient Truth

  • Volver (in English)
    I saw it in Spanish in March. I would love to understand the other 75% of it.

What the Hell Was This Movie and Why did they Name it That?

  • Failure to Launch

Why I saw less movies in 2006

  • Boyfriend with alternative work schedule who sees many movies without me

  • I saw a lot of plays this year (somewhat embarssingly, watching my own play took up a lot of early summer)

  • TV is tending to be better

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