Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Top 10 Mild Habits of 2006

Top 5 Mildly Bad Habits of 2006

5. Perennial Favorite A: Nail chewing
Nail chewing remained a strong mildly bad habit in 2006. A concerted effort was made in late summer to really really try to not chew the nails, and some impressive cuticles formed after a couple diligent weeks. These impressive cuticles, alas, seemed too irresistible to bite.

4. Sitting in office chair with foot under bottom.
This is a strangely impulsive sitting position at the home computer in the guest bedroom. This tends to result however in a large red spot

3. Newly developed paranoia that coffeemaker hot plate is still on requiring needless checking
Always one to double check on the locking of the door, the coffeemaker has added its own element to the regular ritual of not trusting myself while leaving the premises. Longest distance walked before returning to check hotplate: 2 blocks.

2. Perennial favorite B: Knuckle cracking.
Not so much a bad habit as reliable pleasure.

Perhaps the shittiest popular website out there in the web today. My biggest complaint: Every time I log in, a page loads and tells me that I "Must Be Logged In To That!" C'mon, Tom, why don't you fix that? And yet I still go every day.

Top 5 Mildly Good Habits of 2006

5. Donations to charity on automatic billpay
25 bucks a month disappears around the same time my student loan payment gets pulled and I hardly notice. So nice when you can use technology to not think about helping!

4. Shampooing and Conditioning with nicer products and more regularity
A new habit after a particularly wiry hair period, thanks to using Dove Shampoo. Who knows what a "weightless moisturizer" is exactly. All I know is that it fried my hair. The new Italian stuff is keeping things much silkier and sheenriffic up there.

3. Going to the Gym Regularly!
This is a big lie. I fell of the wagon in the summer. But I am slowly trying to climb back into the groove. Need to fight the muffin top!

2. Walking down Hoff Street between 16th and 17th on the way to Bart
I don't know why, but skipping the corner of 16th and Valencia makes the walk to Bart so much more pleasant. It's still just as dirty, but somehow feels quieter, peaceful, and private even though it's not really any of those things.

1. Writing almost every day
Yeah yeah, writing is magical, blah blah blah.


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