Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Some Top Discoveries 2006

An incomplete listing

Text Messaging
It's like email for your cellphone! Except that it's not. Unobstrusive, curt, yet intimate. And costs more than a call. Why do I do this?

Email on the cellphone
It's like email for your cellphone! I got a new phone and web surfing (at a speed that conjures up images of 1998) is free until January so this habit will be stopping soon. But I've found it's a very enjoyable thing to check email while waiting for Bart, though I never reply because i can't get the T9 to work for the web. I don't need to trouble you with this.

Theater Blogs
Taking local theater gossip to the global marketplace. See my post below for a number of examples.

The New Mall
The new mall is pretty amazing isn't it? Gorgeous! Great movie theater, different stores, and the best food court ever created. And those bathrooms? The dome? Jesus it's a great mall.

The bathroom at the Castro Pottery Barn
Though I have yet to use it myself, I have heard from reliable, trusted sources that this is THE public bathroom to use when you need to go in the castro and market area.

Community Supported Agriculture and bona-fide free range eggs
After reading The Omnivore's Dilemma we started getting a biweekly produce box from Eatwell Farms. It tends to be a surprise what we get each week, but overall it's been quite delicious, not to mention a great way to add new vegetables and recipies to the mix. Best part: the eggs. I forgot how delicious an egg could be. Worst part: Sometimes they get a little turnip happy at the farm. We've been getting a lot of turnips.



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Top discovery in 2006: that you are blogging!

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