Sunday, November 19, 2006

yaya for raya

We attended the Miss Trannyshack 2006 pageant at the Regency ballroom which was a generally fun evening and featured some great performances in between long speeches of gratitude to the various sponsors of the evening. There was a lot of thanking of sponsors. But, I guess all that extra support helped keep the price down to a reasonable 25 dollars with a bar that served 8 dollar drinks.

I watched the first bartender to make me an 8 dollar drink give a 2.5 second pour of Vodka. As we paid, I said "well I hope they're strong!" to which he responded "Oh yeah. I pour em how I like em." Which apparently means he likes drinks that are watery and flavorless. Needless to say, we switched bartenders for subsequent orders.

Raya Light, the winner, delivered the most conceptual, creepy, and transcendent performance, which seemed to combine the tales of Little Bo Peep and Riding Hood and was really quite stunning. She was the clear winner. We felt the 80's medley from Poison Ivy, with an incredible back up dance team, also deserved at least a runner up, but she was shut out. Boo. Coco Canal, who in an alter ego worked on Hunter Gatherers, retired her crown in a dramatic life-ending number. Lady Bunny, a drag legend, put on a great show. Lady Miss Kier, from Dee Lite, um, well she also performed.

In the 20 minute dance break before they announced the winner, the DJ put on perhaps the most horrendous trance dance music I have ever heard which managed to clear the room and end all hope for goodness in the world. I am a huge enjoyer of the electronic music, just not the type that makes you feel like you're dancing in a underground machine room construction site of death. Fortunately the speaker went out nearby. I was grateful that the sound system that had good judgment.


Blogger {mto} said...

don't forget all the free porn. I was in the front near the stage and I have to say, that was the first time I've scooped glitter from my cleavage...spare as it may be. I had a blast, fun to run into you there.

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