Tuesday, October 10, 2006

america discovered

I must rescue this blog from infrequent, short posts. It's been a busy month, especially with all the new shows on Television. Thankfully, most of the new shows are beginning to disappoint and I will only have to watch Lost and HBO On Demand. And, now that Columbus Day has past, I can finally focus on other things besides Columbus Day.

a few thoughts and updates from the last few weeks.

  • So, I've been watching that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I enjoyed the first episode very much. But I think there is one fatal flaw to this show that's going to kill it, in my opinion: The sketches aren't funny.

  • I was in New York City last week. I enjoyed the Air Train to the Long Island Railroad very much. The majority of my time was spent between 7th and 9th between 42nd and 44th street. I enjoyed the Ham and Cheese Omelet at the Westside Diner.

  • I was at a wedding this past weekend which confirmed my suspicion that Kelly Clarkson's SinceYou've Been Gone may be one of the best pop songsever. 50 people were jumping up and down and shouting at the top of their lungs. I don't think that's happened since Journey.

  • I am really enjoying the taco as alternative to burrito

  • We have a mouse in our apartment. It made itself known last night darting in and out from behind the bookshelf. This has led me to an agonizing moral dilemma as to how to deal with said rodent. Catch and release? But to where? Sticky trap? Weird plug in
    device from Black and Decker that emits ultrasonic waves to annoy mice and spiders? I'd buy this except that the label says it's "barely" audible to humans. So...it's audible. Or the old school mousetrap with cheese patterned platform of death?

  • My brother is moving back from LA to San Francisco. Yahoo!! Is anyone looking for a roommate?

  • I have decided I enjoy the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio, though the way he is edited in previews makes me apprehensive. Scorcese's The Departed is pretty good, though the accents are a little other worldly

  • I have a new cellphone which is working out to be supremely awesome. Except for when it drops a call it emits a subtle, sad tone that seems more innocent than the act the phone has just committed


Blogger {mto} said...

I need one of those spider repellant things...I can manage with barely audible. You should have heard me yelp last night at the spider doing his Mission Impossible impression in my hallway which allowed me to slap him between two flip flops.

Anyhoo. I'm gonig to see Colorado tomorrow night! Can't wait!

2:21 PM  
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