Saturday, September 23, 2006

Some good things

  • Colorado is up and running! Opening night was packed, hot, funny, and fabulous and a solid performance. Many critics were there and are through the weekend, so that's enough stress and anticipation to keep my cuticles at a low height. The Chronicle capsule is out online already. Woo!
  • My brother is moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. So nice some people actually move here and not the other way around. It's exciting, and he's also looking for a place to live, so if anyone knows of any good spots, let me know!
  • The September Summer has hit in San Francisco. Unlike other Summers, we actually had a bit of a Summer during Summer, so now it feels like a bonus second Summer.
  • I just left Working Assets Long Distance to get a cheaper bundle from AT&T. That's OK right?
  • I'm going to New York in October for a week.
  • OK let me stop writing and muster up more interesting things to say.


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