Wednesday, April 19, 2006

100 years and one day ago...

With more stories and sepia-toned olden times graphics than ever before, San Francisco celebrated 100 years of being a catastrophic earthquake free environment (Loma Prieta was apparently not that major, which is something of a terrifying thought). Rather than celebrate the fact that we have kept our earthquake problem contained for a whole century, many people have been using the anniversary to spread fear and doom upon our fair city.

I particularly appreciate all the studies released in the last week sharing how many people would die today if the 1906 earthquake happened again, today, and how we're still so not prepared. How do they do a study like that, exactly? What type of person decides to pick that angle for earthquake research? And why are they spending money doing a study predicting deaths and destruction as opposed to doing a study about oh, how to be better prepared for an earthquake?

Katrina did provoke Mark and I to purchase a disaster kit for 2, (awwww) from the Red Cross to bolster up the box of "emergency water" we bought a couple years ago (does water expire)? The kit features two food bars that contain 2700 calories each of food. That sounds absolutely disgusting. I hope that in the ensuing post earthquake panic the tell tale red cross on the back of the emergency pack won't cause it to be yanked from my body. Shaun of the Dead was on TV the other day. Will it be like that after the big one hits?

Oh, Peter, you can be light about it now. Laugh it up until it hits, and SF becomes New Orleans and we're wandering about our broken town in search of help while America questions why you moved there in the first place. I suppose humor is my way of dealing with the spectre of tragedy and knowing that all the doomsayes are most likely correct in their predictions. Of course, most worrisome after the big one is that San Francisco will be forced to deal the with the brutal question: How good are hipsters after a natural disaser?

in case you missed the jello video recreation it's right here


Blogger Elaine said...

I wandered up on your site because I googled "Nachtrieb" :D

Since I knew the answer to your question about emergemcy water thought I might share. Water can be kept so long as it is "canned". That is poured into a container and capped so that water spills out in the process, leaving no air behind.

Just one little thing I picked up along the way.

Elaine Nachtrieb Meil

12:08 PM  
Blogger pnachtrieb said...

Thank you Elaine!

Always exciting to hear disaster preparedness advice from other Nachtriebs! Being in San Francisco, I need as much as I can get. Looking forward to reading your blogs as well!

12:38 PM  

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