Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Raining!

Perhaps the most obvious subject header I could come up with.

Apparently it was raining the entire time we were out of town, and it continues to this very day. Hills are slipping, highways are closed, and depression drips from every corner of the city. Weatherpeople on the TV appear smug, vaguely sinister as they whip out their 5 day forecasts filled with clouds and droplets.

Very rarely are weather people optimistic about the weather they predict, preferring to spin any metereological event towards the negative. No matter what condition, there always seems to be a hazard attached. Rains bring floods. Heat brings fire and geriatric death. Wind brings allergies and more fires. Stillness brings haze and smog and free BART rides. Come on, weather people, is there any love, any bit of hope you can show us on your Doppler?

At least the weather does not hinder my rewriting work, though violent cafe laptop theft has given me pause about working close to the door. I am sloughing through lucky draft number 5 of play, Hunter Gatherers, which will be my final effort of writing betterment before rehearsals begin at the end of the month. My mind is undergoing a nice moment of clarity and perspective on the piece, I think, which is surprising for me in a rewrite. I tend to think I am destroying my play when I try to do new things to it. I think I'm wrong, but there's always that gnawing fear that I am only making things worse. It really does all go back to something in middle school, doesn't it?


Blogger Pedro said...

Do something about that weather before July the 14th!

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