Monday, May 04, 2009

reports from the writing front

So, I'm working on this new play, called Bob, working on my rough draft, I have about 110 pages of material now, with about 50 in an actual "play order." I had more than that in "play order" but then I just cut a big chunk of the Chicago sequence. I really liked the Chicago sequence. Maybe it'll come back later.

After writing several plays that happen in a single location, the new piece is taking place all over the Nation. Sometimes 10 locations in one monologue. Behold the magic of theater!!!

These are the things I have to constantly remind myself while first draft writing:
  • I can cut it later.
  • I can add it later.
  • Clunky first drafts don't mean I'm a bad writer and/or person and/or hack.
  • Don't worry about making all the connections.
  • Don't make "dream sequence" my first choice.
  • I can put in placeholder text for actual scenes. Such as "Maybe Bob has a vision here" or "Something happens" or "something about the frame changes" or "major plot revelation tbd here" That'll all work out in post.
  • I can write out of sequence if I need to.
  • I have to put in a fist fight somewhere. Just remember that.
  • Self doubt and dread are all just natural feelings and are only partially based in truth.
  • Don't check facebook
  • Seriously, you don't need to go check facebook right now
  • OK, don't check facebook again for 90 minutes
  • If I'm stuck I can always work on that iTunes playlist for songs in the mood of the play I'm writing.
  • Always shower before I start working.
  • Irrational decisions tend to happen around 3 or 4PM. Clarity seems to strike around 3AM in bed.


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