Thursday, April 23, 2009

More sharing from the internets

In the spirit of reading The Tipping Point, I would like to continue the viral chain of the following gems currently on the internet.

Jon, a reliable forwarding friend (he works in advertising), has shared this very nicely designed and hilarious and touching website that will surely brighten your day.

Behold it's Old Jews Telling Jokes

Jon also shared this more subtly metafunny edit of Snakes On a Plane

George has also shared a few links including this link about neighbors, no idea what this is and also, for any of you former San Franciscans out there, the former Osento Bath House is now for sale. It costs under a million, and that includes a wine barrel sauna in the back.

Finally, this chart on how to write an American play is hilarious and stunningly accurate (click to biggen):
(posted by many on the 'book)


Blogger jay said...

you made it all the way to the third box from the end! so when do you get your tony?

2:52 PM  

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