Thursday, June 12, 2008

Film Suggestion Number Two -San Francisco and Beyond

A new movie by talented filmmaker, thinker, and basic cable cinema verite specialist Gabriel Fleming!

Coming to Frameline in SF June 20!!
Featuring cameos by George Nachtrieb and Mark Marino!

Get tickets for SF screening

View the film website.

The Blurb
Mark, Jasper and Lily are high school friends now in their early twenties. Mark is gay, living with Lily (his high school girlfriend), while Jasper is straight and soon to be married. A cynical and bitter trio barely connected by their past friendship, they reunite for the annual public Halloween celebration in San Francisco's Castro district. When the huge crowds of costumed revelers fail to entertain them, they begin a quest to find an elusive acquaintance who might provide them with some ecstasy.

This quest is interwoven with an abstracted remembrance of a high school camping trip the three friends took to the Lost Coast, a lush wilderness in northern California, during which Mark and Jasper were involved in a sexual relationship that Mark never got over, and Jasper never acknowledged.

Over the course of their evening in San Francisco the three are forced to confront this past, which has held them all in suspended animation. The Lost Coast explores the complexities of sexuality, repression, and isolation, with a quiet, measured style.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you guys get me a ticket for this? I can't remember. Thanks! kpa

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