Thursday, June 12, 2008

Film Suggestion Number One - Los Angeles and Online!

Hey folks, here are two special screenings of movies you should check out!

Number one:
My brother Ed's very poignant documentary about a group of Gulf War Veterans

All the Way Home
View The Trailer

The blurb:
Three years ago, Montana fishing outfitter Mike Geary was inspired by news reports to organize fly fishing trips for disabled veterans down one of the American West’s most isolated rivers. In this film, we meet a group of veterans that reflects the diversity of challenges facing our returning soldiers. Some, on leave from Walter Reed Hospital, bear the obvious physical wounds of war while others cope with hidden traumas that are invisible, yet dangerous. With a backdrop of the breathtaking landscape of the American West, they share personal stories of war and the resulting challenges for them and their families after their return home. At the same time, a team of volunteers works tirelessly to make the trip an unforgettably positive experience.

The strength of character on display by both the veterans and the volunteers who serve them is a triumph of the human spirit.


Please join us for the benefit screening of Edward Nachtrieb's "All the
Way Home". This documentary is a one of a kind film that follows a
Montana fishing outfitter and his team of volunteers while they take
severely injured Iraq and Afghanistan Vets from Walter Reed down an
isolated river. It is an awesome and powerful film and we hope that you
will join us.

Tuesday June 24th 2008
TIME: 7:30 PM Screening with
Reception to follow

The proceeds from this screening will help us reach our goal of
expanding our call center hours to 24/7 from 12/7. Our "Lifeline" has
taken more than 275,000 calls, and needs to expand in order to support
the new wave of veterans - call volume is up more than 400% in less than
6 months. Also, we remain focused on increasing the reach of our
homeless outreach program ("Street Teams") outside the LA County area.

Seating is very limited.. If you want to come to the screening, drop me an email and I will try to get you hooked up. Otherwise, check out the website!


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