Monday, June 02, 2008

and finally a personal revelation about where I keep change and how that all of a sudden can become public knowledge

I went to the CoinStar machine the other day after a three year accumulation of spare, non-quarter change.

I actually delayed going to the machine for months due to the fact that I keep my spare change in a wooden box that is designed to look like a treasure chest.

Am I the only one who would feel self conscious bringing their change to the coin machine in a treasure-chest?

(apologies to facebook friends who already knew this happened due to my clever status update.)

(also, there was almost $180 of treasure!)


Blogger admin said...

when we went to StackĀ“s with MTAB -amazing pancakes BTW- the other day and I saw the chest on the back seat I was wondering if you were a Pirate of the Caribbean Sea

12:04 PM  

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