Saturday, March 01, 2008

nyc day 3

Good morning!

I am lying in bed on the cusp of tech for boom. We got a few 10outta12s (as they call them in the 'biz) over the next few days. The play is whippin up into shape and we get an audience in there starting next Wednesday. Yow! Very exciting times.

I am subletting a nice apartment in Hell's Kitchen near 9th ave. There do seem to be a lot of kitchens in the area, but I think they've lowered the hellishness in recent years. But there is definitely some good food about.

I've managed to see two shows already, both of which were quite enjoyable. Adding Machine: A Musical was a fascinating, bleak, gripping and great 90 minute musical which really took me surprise. It's a musical adaptation of a 1920s play about an accountant who gets laid off after twenty five years, and things go downhill from there, and never stop going. Strangely it was funny and touching and dark all at the same time.

Last night I saw Gina Gionfriddo's U.S> Drag. Much less dark, still darkish, and very funny and enjoyable with the added bonus that I (along with my friend Cara who I saw the show with) was in the first staged reading of the play 10 years ago back at Brown University (directed by Peter Dubois). The play had changed a lot in the years but there were still these chunks that were fresh in my memory, including a monologue that I used to do for auditions back in the days when I did those types of auditions that require monologues. Ahh good memories. Being an Undergrad at Brown and watching/performing in Grad student playwrights' shows was definitely one of the big highlights of my collegiate experience.

My lips are chap due to the dryness of radiator heat. I'm adjusting to the hissing noise of the steam pipe heating the room and last night finally got a solid night's sleep.

Oo I just bought some Bio Activa yogurt. I can feel it working!


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