Tuesday, February 19, 2008

and the fun don't stop on the west side


Back in Cali now for a 10 day period after a 9 day period in NYC. The rain seems to be following me. I missed the trademark "nice week in February" that always seems to happen as the rain has returned. BUT IT WON'T DAMPEN MY SPIRITS! I'm in a weird mood today.

boom is off to a great start in New York. It's a fabulous group of people and they begin to rehearse without me in about twenty minutes. I'm having separation anxiety. I'm already about to tweak one little chunk, I think. Tickets are on sale! Spam email to come soon.

I'm back in SF to workshop an early draft of my play, T.I.C. over at Marin Theatre Company (in collaboration with Encore Theatre Company who has commissioned to play thanks to our Gerbode/Hewlett Emerging Playwright Grant.) It's going to weird moving from a play that's ready for production to one that's only ready to be heard out loud and still has some serious dramaturgical acne dotting its malformed face. But exciting. I'll get to hear what's really sticking, compelling, what balls are flying most interestingly. Interestingly is so not a word.

I'll post the official roster thing soon.

By the way, has anyone seen In Bruges? I thought it was prety darn great.


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