Saturday, January 12, 2008

Things I think about while rewriting a play that do not pertain to the content of the play.

I am writing a play that has blogging at the center of it. So, in a complex combo of research, procrastination and self entertainment, below is a list of the thoughts in my head that surface while working today:
  • What happened to the Propellerheads? Their album from the 90s is still pretty awesome.
  • Should I put that candy cane in my coffee?
  • What's happening in Decatur, Georgia and why are they vi sting my website?
  • I wonder when my new American Express Card will transfer those points to my JetBlue account.
  • Should I wash the towels? I think I'm going to wash the towels.
  • Should I fold the towels or look at this monologue? Finish the monologue, then fold the towels.
  • One more bodum?
  • What should I wear to see the play tonight? Am going with my mother so can't wear any of the tighter gay stuff. She gets too worried about my shoulders being cramped.
  • String Cheese!


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