Tuesday, October 16, 2007

tuesday miscellany

Ah a glorious Tuesday night it is here in San Francisco. Indian Summer has given way to a crisp, slightly moist, Fall. A light drizzle dominating most of the day has opened up to a clear cool night. Perfect for a hearty dinner at Chow, a pressed sandwich from Tartine, or one of those hot dogs wrapped in bacon sizzling away near the 16th and Mission Bart Station.

A few random fall thoughts

Just bought the new Radiohead album which feels very Autumnal. I like it. It's warm! Still a little melancholy but there is some bubbling of goodness and strings beneath. Goodness and sadness together. That's so my genre.

My cardio at the Gym today was soured by being forced to watch CNN where, for literally about 15 minutes, they kept unswirling the swirled photograph of the child molester that Interpol is looking for. It's weird to watch CNN on mute. And depressing. White guy blabs in a concerned fashion, they unswirl the photo, cut to white guy blabbing, split screen of white guy and unswirling child molester, other photos of child molester unswirled, repeat repeat repeat. I think CNN was really psyched about the unswirling graphic.

I've decided that I don't really like Jazz. At least the boppy freeform scatty drummer hittin the high hat and cymbals too much lots of trumpet stuff that's somewhat assaulting on my senses. Perhaps it's my oncoming hearing problem rearing an early head, but repeated jolty noises make me uncomfortable, anxious, and shut me down emotionally. I don't want to diminish the power of beauty of Jazz for those who love it. I think it's like a language that I don't understand. Like Cantonese. It's not my music of choice.

I'm still enjoying Dirty Sexy Money, liked Michael Clayton, like the new 10 dollar pillows we got from Costco, like the Iron and Wine album I bought, like walking, am ambivalent about the arch support inserts I have right now though foot pain has diminished, am a little gassy, appreciating silicone based lubricant and its longlastingness, and continue to be troubled by the general state of affairs of the world.


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Totally with you on DSM, but I haven't seen tonight's episode yet. Silly preview...

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