Thursday, October 11, 2007

Today's foot revelation

So I have high foot arches. This means that more pressure gets placed on my heel and the balls of my feet, and the middle section of the foot remains more tender as it never touches the ground.

I have recently had these weird events where I take a step and feel some pain in my left foot that leaves a bruise, but the pain goes away quickly and I continue on with my life. A recurrence of this event provoked me to go see a Podiatrist who took x-rays of my left foot. Firstly, the number of bones in a foot is really quite impressive. Secondly, I have high foot arches.

I do have something of a foot obsession. For years, I had odor-heavy feet, which tended to make me self conscious when I had to remove my shoes (shoe removal is a very common requirement in California). In recent years, I have managed to conquer the odorous tendencies of my paddles by a strict cycling of footwear (never two consecutive days in the same shoes, steady influx of new footwear, etc...) not to mention very thorough washings.

But now it appears the pedal architecture is also coming to play as a challenge. Just as my mother feared (She's always told me to be vigilant) So now I find myself considering getting orthopedics, probably some nice medical ones and some Dr Scholls ones in the meantime.

This also means that, if I'm wearing some sort of new sole, that I will be appearing taller.

File this in the blogging overshare category!


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