Sunday, October 07, 2007

cheers, Atlanta!

It was a quick and magical sojourn to Atlanta for some quality theater watching at Dad's Garage. I have now returned to the clutches of San Francisco where I missed the bluegrass/street fair/blue angels. This time of year here is nuts.

On a highway in Atlanta, there was a billboard advertising a camera encased in a pill that you could swallow if you thought you might be having GI issues. I think it said "Indigestion? Heartburn? Irregular?" to one side, with a giant picture of the pill camera on the other.

Is a billboard the correct advertising for a medical device that I would assume require some, um, medical expertise in its useage and its knowing-when-to-use-it?

It reminded me of the time when I volunteered at Steinhardt Aquarium when a researcher had a shark swallow a sensor device that would track something about its insides. The device got stuck and I got to be part of an exciting emergency procedure where said researcher stuck his hand up the shark's ass and pulled out the pill-shaped device.


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