Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I am in New York for about 30 more minutes

Firstly, apologies to all my New York friends that I did not see in the last two days. Sorry! I had a whirlwind two-day playwriting related adventure that consumed my time. But I'll be back very soon, I promise. And we'll get a drink or dinner or see a show! Or, maybe, I will stay at your place.

Anhyoo, I am blogging from the JetBlue Terminal where I am awaiting my flight home to the SFO (or "the 415" as San-Francisco-rich-kids apparently call the area as they are beating up Ivy League A Capella Groups.) New York was a pleasant 70 degrees and up during my stay, beautiful and balmy, though a bit rainy today but that's OK because I was indoors.

Anyhoo I am going to be boarding soon, oh shoot, barding right now...


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