Monday, September 04, 2006

End of an era...

Andre Agassi retired from tennis yesterday.

But seriously, the saddest thing was that Hunter Gatherers closed last night. But, it closed with one of the strongest performances that I've seen. Jon had already begun to shave his beard and has pledged to regain his weight. I'm excited to hear about conversations he'll have with critics at ACT's next opening night. John K's ass has been exposed for the last time (I'll always have it on my phone though, John). Melanie channeled the ultimate multi-faceted orgasm. And Alexis brought back the "Mushroom Patrol" and I think its going back into the script (I have the same problems with those lines you brought up, too). The set is getting torn down as we speak, the lobby displays are down, and the myspace profiles are but marketing without a product. (am I getting dramatic enought?) And for some reason Sally G. gave me the posterboard bio of myself from the lobby. Just in case I want to put it up in my apartment? I was thinking of putting it in the guest bathroom to further enhance any awkward parties.

Anyhoo, it was a great close to a great run that far exceeded anyone's expectations. It was the summer of 2006 for me.


Blogger Pedro said...

No more extensions? What´s happening with that country? Joder!

2:37 PM  
Blogger pnachtrieb said...

It's terrible, I know. No more show, no more appendix for Mark, no more tennis tournaments till 2007. What do we do.

9:46 PM  
Blogger Pedro said...

Well... I just sent you an e-mail... what do we do? I´m going to think about it in Ibiza

12:19 PM  

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