Friday, August 25, 2006

friday ramblings, the next friday

Ah it has been a pleasant week.

  • I got a haircut!
  • I surpassed page 50 on my first draft. sure that's 24 pages behind on my "3 pages a day" pledge for August. But I have time to make it up. If I'm lucky I will be done by the time Hunter Gatherers closes. That may be pushing it.
  • Hunter Gatherers is really really closing on September 3. Sad there will not be a "fourth smash month." Alas. But it has been an incredible ride. My god, there was a "third smash month"!
  • I'm off to Tahoe to perform in a murder mystery. Then I'm off to Chicago to do one. And then it's to Seattle in September to act in some sexual harrassment workshops. When did acting become my job and playwriting become my art?
  • I saw that ant video linked inteh post below. In a classic cut and paste mishap, I accidentally sent that link to someone instead of a link to a New York Times article about a playwright. My note in the email was something like "Look! It's a cool thing about your friend!" And it was a video of ants jumping. Well, I guess I was already a bizarre person.
  • Seeing the HG show tonight. My math teacher, history teacher, and spanish teacher from high school are coming.
  • Colorado is rehearsing away in Berkeley. I am popping in now and then and having great discussions with Elkanah the director on the phone. So excited to see that alive and hopping. Melissa Hillman just sent the entire cast and crew background info on e-coli. Ooo. How's that for a teaser?
  • SF is in its typical summer pattern of foggy morning, sunny afternoon, windy dusk and foggy night. I welcome this. As I do many of the remixes on the Feist remix album.
  • Mark is in Mass right now visiting his peeps. We miss him very much.
  • I am currently wearing my new pair of New Balances. Got them from oddball of course. Store shopping is depressing for a tall person. Everything remotely and different is restricted for the shorter or less footed of the species. god bless the internet and a larger global marketplace for making us heighties welcome in fashion arena.
And thus completes another RIVETING blog post from peter nachtrieb. What will happen next in my non-stop life of amazingness?!?!?!?!


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