Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday Ramblings

  • The new couch is awesome. Not scratchy at all. Maybe a little sticky (it's leather). But significantly more comfortable.
  • Saw Orbit last night, the dance/performance show from the Erika Shuch Performance Project at Intersection. It's one of those theater/dance experience where I found myself transfixed and constantly engaged and I couldn't explain why it was doing it. I was feeling it in the chest. So surprising and engaging and moving. Reminded me, as I write a first draft of a new play, to not forget about the visual possibilities. Go see it this weekend (it's the last weekend).
  • First readthrough of Colorado at Impact this weekend. Craziness! I'm excited and nervous.
  • I bought this book of prints by Albertus Seba called Cabinet of Natural Curiousities. A collection of gorgeous color prints of natural life, all drawn in the 1700s I think. It is a supremely gorgeous book.
  • I'm going to New York in October! I think I will see a play or two, but not sure which ones. Any recommendations?
  • May go see The Descent today but I really really don't want to. Mark really wants to. I'm scared already. Maybe I should bring my iPod.
  • Have I mentioned I'm the proud owner of The Best of The Electric Company on DVD? Did that color anyone else's pop culture and creative sensibility as much as it did me?


Blogger Enrique Urueta said...

OMG...The Electric Company. You so crazy!

2:16 AM  

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