Sunday, August 13, 2006

pop culture roundup

  • Little Miss Sunshine - awesome
  • QuiƱceanera - pretty good
  • Project Runway - loved the Pam Grier Dress too.
  • Laguna Beach Marathon - kind of disappointing the second time around to realize what was so addictive last summer is really the most boring collection of pretty people, ever. Can't wait for the next season!
  • The Comeback, Rome, Entourage, more, HBO ON Demand - Digital cable subscription has been great so far. But, is it just me, or does that show Cathouse feel like an infomercial?
  • The Community Supported Agriculture Food Box from Eatwell Farms - getting better and better, and we're getting better at eating all of it. Summer squash -mmm. The organic eggs - mmm. Can't wait to eat the melon and finally getting heirlooms. We haven't seemed to get too many of the summer fruits, peaches for example. I remember peaches being in the literature.
  • Currently Heavily rotating in the ipod - Feist, Herbert, Goldfrapp, Gnarls Barkely, N Lannon, Mylo, Thom Yorke, songs that feel melancholic and hopeful and personal and grand at the same time (inspirational mix for new play).
  • I need more mashups!
  • The 2 dollar Tecate pint at the Homestead.
  • The New Couch - maybe I'll get a picture of it. But it's stirring up a revolution in the living room today. Mark and I took the Old Couch out and was soundly rejected by multiple thirft stores, including the Salvation Army. We took it to the dump where the check in guy said "That's a nice couch!" Wait a minute. This needs it's own post.


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