Monday, June 19, 2006

opening night and beyond

I think I can now allow my cuticles to resume their normal length.

Actually that's a lie. I have always chewed my fingernails ever since it replaced thumb sucking at an age I will not disclose. The point is, the first week of non-preview full price performances have just ended and I am feeling very proud of the work. And audiences seem to be enjoying themselves too.

Opening night went very well. I was so distracted at dinner before that my mom asked me if I was on drugs. My new shirt achieved it's mission of me looking sharp. And the show went so fabulously.

We've had One review from the Contra Costa Times so far with a bunch more to come I think. There were a number of press there on Thursday. I will only post links to the positive ones. I'll pull quotes from the mean ones.

Thank you to Mark, Mom, Dad, Thessaly, Liisa, David, Kim, Kim w Posse, Lisa, Rachel, Loren, Joanne, Tomas, Enrique, Marisela, Alex, Christopher, Tegan, Lisa, Tracy, Nicole, Howard, Cara, Nathalie, and the hundreds of other people who I don't know but still love who came to the show this week! I know I'm forgetting many names of people here. Sorry about that. But they probably don't read this anyway.


Blogger Enrique Urueta said...

"Wickedly funny" and "wildly inventive." Touch YOU! But who can blame anyone, really. The play is funnier than a supermodel with tourette's

1:36 AM  

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