Sunday, June 11, 2006

Previews of deliciousness

We have had 3 preview performances so far of Hunter Gatherers and I am breathing a little easier, sleeping more sounder, and am just generally psyched to have audiences finally experiencing the awesome work that everyone has been doing.

Thursday night, our first show, I was something of a tense mess, so much that Mark had to keep hitting me and checking if I was OK during the performance. A glass of wine was helpful. I was enjoying myself immensely despite the anxious tension. I am always more nervous as a writer at an opening than I ever was as an actor. Control issues. Sometimes I get self conscious that I laugh very loudly at my own play, but fuck it. I was wearing an amazing new shirt that I procured thanks to a newfound shirtmaker discovery at a recent wedding. Rufus shirts. I'm in love. I can hardly wait to bring out my opening night one. The audience will be about half press on opening. That won't make nervous at all. Welcome, welcome!

Audiences have been very receptive so far, and the actors are really growing and learning from this newfound member of the experience. We're still meeting 2 hours before curtain to work through certain moments and technical challenges. The set is still being finessed and cues tightened. I'm cutting 3 lines tonight! Wooo. I cut another yesterday. This is an incredibly lovely luxury to have previews. Each audience has been different in makeup and in the way they respond. One night was a steady stream of chuckles. Last night was less chuckling but more large group release-laughs at key moments, like they were bottling it in. And, the funniest moment in the play, hands down, is one particular slap (which I won't give away). Fascinating shit. I think people are having fun watching, and I think everyone working on it is starting to have fun too.

We've been getting some nice pre-opening coverage which i hope will help fill the seats. Today an SF Chronicle Pink Section article came out. And there's been some fun previews in the SF Weekly, Bay Area Reporter and SFist. Thank you press people!


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Can't wait to see it. Enrique and I are planning to make it to one of the shows---whoop!

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