Sunday, September 30, 2007

on a lighter note

It's one of those weekends in San Francisco where 50 events are happening at once including The Folsom Street Fair (leather street fair with charity spanking and churros), Opera in the Ballpark, The Love Parade (street dance party), and a Dental Convention.

Some gay opera loving leather daddy dentist who loves sweating to house music on the street is having the most fucking amazing weekend of his life.

Delayed thoughts on Jury Duty

It's now been a couple weeks since my Jury service was completed and we returned a verdict on two misdemeanor charges against a then-homeless woman who, in the midst of a tense argument between herself, her fiance and a police officer, put her hands on the cop's chest. I think this was some effort to keep the cop and her fiance apart (the fiance was shouting to an assembled crowd that if someone gave him a thousand dollars, he would kick the cop's ass.).

For the hands on the chest, she was charged with simple battery on a peace officer.

When police back-up arrived to help the officer arrest the man, this same woman was tackled/knocked hard to the ground by another officer, likely knocked unconscious and her rib broken in the process. For being tackled, she was charged with obstructing justice. Apparently, she was in the way.

This incident took place almost a year ago in South Park, a cute little park that was once the dot com epicenter (and still is a startup center) where I used to eat salads and paninis seated on grass mats provided by a nearby boutique.

I'm not sure what political motivations led to this particular case being pursued but it sure sounds like chump ass charges to me. Was it a case to help conviction stats for the DA? For them to prove they were aggressively going after threatening chest-touchers? Was the fact that the defendant and fiance had filed a civil case with the Office of Citizen Complaints against the cops involved? Or is this another effort for making the people who are having the most difficult time feel not welcome in this city (and certainly not in South Park)? I'm not sure if anyone would actually be able to answer that question.

Whatever the motivations to pursue this case over cases where people are, um, actually harmed is probably something I won't understand. All I know is I left after two weeks of service not feeling like I, in any way, served justice, made our city safer, made sure our police force felt protected in their dangerous job, or made our parks nicer places to eat paninis. Nope. It felt like a waste of time and resources. Justice busywork. I gather it takes a lot of process and effort to bring a case to trial and i can't for the life of me know why this one was greenlit. Kamala, any thoughts?

I think the asshole manning the metal detector at the front of the [meanwhile at the] Hall of Justice, who treated everyone like they were smuggling files in cakes as they came in the building, also contributed to this feeling that there was no compassion to be had in the building. He reminded me of a terrible math teacher who would yell at his students when it was actually his inability to communicate and be a decent person that was causing all the problems. (The metal detectors are being taken over by the Sheriff starting tomorrow so the asshole is now out of the position. There's some justice, at least)

On the upside, the "case" within itself was delivered fairly, unbiased, both sides had their opportunities to present their side. Both lawyers were competent, and I was actually impressed by the vigorous defense mounted by the Public Defender. Our Jury group was a friendly and intelligent bunch. I think most of us found the case to be ridiculous, but our hands seemed a little tied by the law (though the concept of "Jury Nullification" was introduced to me in the deliberation room and that sounds like a good idea in situations). I don't think anyone felt particularly joyous about rendering a decision in this case.

We found her guilty of putting her hands on the police officer's chest. There was enough evidence and testimony to convince us that it happened, and that's the crime. So, yeah, note to self, don't put your hands on a cop's chest. Especially if I'm ever homeless and African American.

But, come on!!

We found her not guilty of the obstructing justice charge with me personally wondering how an officer knocking someone hard onto the pavement is obstruction (many many doubts on that one for the jurors).

For her one conviction, she could get up to a year in county jail. So that's on my conscience now. I hope the judge heard the same case as we did, and delivered a substantially less severe punishment. The fiance/male in the situation, who was primarily responsible for starting up the whole fight, was not charged in the incident.

Friday, September 28, 2007

If you love theatre and gayness...

I'll be sitting on a stage where such things are being discussed tomorrow:

In association with
“What's Gay at this Stage?
Gay Playwrights Discuss the Theater”

Saturday, September 29th, 2007, 3:00 pm

Moderated by Michael Paller, and featuring John Fisher, Garret Jon Groenveld, Tommy Murphy, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Duy Nguyen and Brian Thorstenson

New Conservatory Theatre Center
Decker Theatre
25 Van Ness Avenue @ Market Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 861-8972
Admission is FREE

the official blurb:

San Francisco, CA - GuyWriters, the network for gay male writers in the Bay Area, kicks off a new season of events with “What's Gay at this Stage? Gay Playwrights Discuss the Theater” on September 29th at 3 :00 pm at the New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco. “Our international panel of award-winning gay playwrights,” says event organizer Matthew Graham Smith, a professional director and actor who currently teaches at American Conservatory Theater, “will discuss a broad variety of issues facing contemporary gay theater artists, as well as answering questions from the audience.”

The discussion will be moderated by MICHAEL PALLER, the dramaturg at American Conservatory Theater, and feature JOHN FISHER, the Executive Director of Theatre Rhinoceros; GARRET JON GROENVELD, a local favorite playwright from PlayGround; TOMMY MURPHY, an internationally produced playwright whose work is currently onstage at New Conservatory; PETER SINN NACHTRIEB, an award-winning San Francisco-based playwright; DUY NGUYEN, the Artistic Director of One4All Theater: Contemporary Asian American Drama; and BRIAN THORSTENSON, a playwright whose latest work will open in February at Central Works.

GuyWriters invites the general public and especially emerging playwrights to the event. This event will inaugurate GuyWriters' new playwrights group, which aims to foster interactive collaborations between emerging playwrights and San Francisco's vibrant performance scene. The event will be followed by a new production of Tommy Murphy's Holding the Man, directed by Matthew Graham Smith, at the New Conservatory. The panel discussion is free, and the general public is invited; tickets for Holding the Man may be purchased by calling the NCTC box office at (415) 861-8672 or visiting the website at

GuyWriters celebrates and supports the literary creativity of the gay male community by presenting a professional speakers' series, facilitating writers groups, promoting members' work through performances and publications, and emailing a monthly newsletter about the local gay literary scene.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Another Colorado press shot from Dad's Garage

Sweet! I can hardly wait to see it in a couple weeks.

Randy Havens, Elizabeth Neidel, Doyle Reynolds, and Kathleen Wattis

More info on the show

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

that stupid jury duty post

yeah yeah I kept talking about a post about jury duty. I have it saved as a draft but I feel like it's of no use or interest at this point. Will still try and reformulate into something poigniant quirky and some other adjective.

I'm in the NYC right now. Finished a fun little acting job (a job that has sent me far and wide to exotic places like london and orlando) and now saying hello to people. Off to some drinks in the "Village" soon to catch up with my fellow college co-grads. Good fun times indeed.

This is my third trip to New York this year and it's become a place of semi-familiarity to me, though I still don't know how to find things south of 14th street or feel like I belong. And I certainly couldn't tell you where "Dumbo" is but apparently its all up and coming. In the multiple visits, New York has lost its exotic mystical foreignness, which I'm OK with. I love this city but I'm no longer getting that weird, cracky adrenaline rush after visiting which makes me think there's nowhere else to be. It's becoming a good place to be while still acknowledging that there are other really good places to be on planet Earth.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Still working on my post about jury duty but in the meantime

Look out ATL!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

my court ordered ban on blogging has finally been lifted

that sounds much more salacious than it is.

I've on a criminal trial jury the last couple weeks. good times! will discuss soon

Monday, September 17, 2007

still hiating but soon

next couple of days I'll be sharing again. i have much to say

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

a brief hiatus

I must hiate from blogging for a couple weeks. I will be back and ready for sharing by mid-month. more then...

Sunday, September 02, 2007

mid labor day

Tomorrow is the final day of American summer, but in San Francisco it's only the beginning of our hot month. The weather has been very generous so far, with the fog just gently fondling the coastline as opposed to it's more typical inland violation.

The US Open is being watched and enjoyed on a new television recently purchased by the mtabf (more than a boyfriend) and myself. We had to return our lent set to its rightful owner. It's the first TV I've ever actually purchased. So now I just have to buy a car and a house and I'll have fulfilled all my dreams.

I have facial hair growing right now for an employment purpose. Tomorrow, I shave it down to a goatee. The beardy, stubbly, version looks all right on me, I must say. On the plus side it calls out my eyes, and short beards seem to be the rage. On the minus side it also highlights my non-symmetrical features of my face, namely that one side of my face is a little more puffy than the other. And it's itchy and hurts my mtabf when we smooch. It's all gone after tomorrow.

I have lost interest in Entourage a bit this season. I am rooting for some character development soon as opposed to the same episode over and over. I think some failure might be a real boost for the series. Addendum: Just Watched The season finale. It gives me hope

Oh what else is trivial on my mind right now? Oh that's enough for now.