Sunday, September 02, 2007

mid labor day

Tomorrow is the final day of American summer, but in San Francisco it's only the beginning of our hot month. The weather has been very generous so far, with the fog just gently fondling the coastline as opposed to it's more typical inland violation.

The US Open is being watched and enjoyed on a new television recently purchased by the mtabf (more than a boyfriend) and myself. We had to return our lent set to its rightful owner. It's the first TV I've ever actually purchased. So now I just have to buy a car and a house and I'll have fulfilled all my dreams.

I have facial hair growing right now for an employment purpose. Tomorrow, I shave it down to a goatee. The beardy, stubbly, version looks all right on me, I must say. On the plus side it calls out my eyes, and short beards seem to be the rage. On the minus side it also highlights my non-symmetrical features of my face, namely that one side of my face is a little more puffy than the other. And it's itchy and hurts my mtabf when we smooch. It's all gone after tomorrow.

I have lost interest in Entourage a bit this season. I am rooting for some character development soon as opposed to the same episode over and over. I think some failure might be a real boost for the series. Addendum: Just Watched The season finale. It gives me hope

Oh what else is trivial on my mind right now? Oh that's enough for now.


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