Tuesday, September 25, 2007

that stupid jury duty post

yeah yeah I kept talking about a post about jury duty. I have it saved as a draft but I feel like it's of no use or interest at this point. Will still try and reformulate into something poigniant quirky and some other adjective.

I'm in the NYC right now. Finished a fun little acting job (a job that has sent me far and wide to exotic places like london and orlando) and now saying hello to people. Off to some drinks in the "Village" soon to catch up with my fellow college co-grads. Good fun times indeed.

This is my third trip to New York this year and it's become a place of semi-familiarity to me, though I still don't know how to find things south of 14th street or feel like I belong. And I certainly couldn't tell you where "Dumbo" is but apparently its all up and coming. In the multiple visits, New York has lost its exotic mystical foreignness, which I'm OK with. I love this city but I'm no longer getting that weird, cracky adrenaline rush after visiting which makes me think there's nowhere else to be. It's becoming a good place to be while still acknowledging that there are other really good places to be on planet Earth.



Blogger Sarah Hammond said...

You're rationalizing. It's the best place. That's why it's the most expensive. Expensive things are always better than cheaper things. It's a basic rule.

9:55 PM  
Blogger meeegan said...

You say that to somebody who lives in San Francisco... :)

11:03 AM  

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