Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why have the posts been so short recently?

  • It's Entertainment Weekly's "Season of Oscar Themed Magazines" and I just can't seem to put them down. There's "who might get an Oscar nomination" issue, the "Oscar Nominee" issue, the "We Pick The Oscar Winners" issue and then the "Oscar Issue!" Plus the Golden globes issues have already passed.
  • That new J-Lo show Dancelife is pretty awesome. Whoever's having the hardest day gets to dance it out in an empty studio.
  • I've written a few half posts that I aborted, like wondering why certain news organizations will print or say the word "fag" or "faggot" where as others treat it like any other epithet and use the ***s.
  • I also was going to write about the big SF a capella group attack, but then I lost interest.
  • Serena Williams kicked ass last night and I'm feeling too good.
  • I have to go pick up Mark from work.
  • No, seriously.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

in the news

Epithet counseling is the new wheat grass of Hollywood. Are people hurling more insults these days, or are they just getting caught on tape?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Little catchup

So sorry I've been delinquent on the postings.

What's been up:
  • I went to Portland recently, successfully staying between two ice storms.
  • I went to Calistoga, successfully staying at a bed and breakfast.
  • I went to the Central Valley, successfully performing at the Winter Formal of a Christian High School
  • I watched the Golden Globes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

and by fascinated I mean a little outraged

because of all that news coverage over tepid response to a fight between rich kids and ivy leaguers when there may be other, more troubling and depressing local problems to focus on

just so you don't think I'm crazy for being fascinated by this

is following the breaks, and summarizes the story. And the picture is much appreciated.

What Ivory Tower?

front page of the Chronicle
most telling quote:
"People are shocked," said Wookie Kim, 20, a sophomore, outside the Yale Bookstore, where portraits of the university's famous alumnae look out over the floor. "I couldn't believe that anyone could do that to a Yale student."

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ahhh Y2K

I'm someone generally obsessed with apocalypse and impending doom.

My 'ol college compatriot, Kevin Shay has written a book about one such event that occurred in the world as we approached the millenium (if you believe in such dating), then known as Y2K.

Kevin has collected some real goldmine quotes. Check out what people were saying before Y2k. I love it. I also love hindsight that makes people sound so silly. Makes me aware that what we're saying now about stuff will sound silly in 20 years. I miss Y2K. Those were nice days when our worries circled about 2 digits as opposed to living in the midst of a growing global ideological war.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

There's gotta be something more to this story


My favorite quote from the article:
"The kids are scared shitless of coming back to San Francisco"

Saturday, January 06, 2007



Anyway, I'm enjoying a quiet weekend after the prior non-quiet weekend. New Years was a lengthy evening that resulted in dancing at the endup until 5AM. It felt just like España! Sadly, unlike España, there were no purveyors of churros and chocolate to welcome us as we stepped outside the club. That would have been nice, especially since the last drink I had was a jaegermeister and red bull shot which tasted like Robitussin. Great suggestion, Mark.

So in the quiet of this night so far I can ponder a nice assortment of mundane thoughts. I do have deep thoughts, by the way, and am deeply troubled by the state of the world. While I work those out let me just say
  • United Airlines "Economy Plus" is bullshit. Being 6'6", I find a bit of comfort knowing that I may, just may, have a chance to sit in the Exit Row when I fly. But no, United has decided to add legroom to the front of the plane and then charge for it. As much as 50 bucks extra each way for me to actually not have by knees jammed into the seat (and that's before the dip in front decides to recline). And where did they take this legroom from? I'm guessing the seats in the back. United has also taken it upon themselves to charge for curbside check-in, meals, snacks and they are apparently nickle and diming their employees because the staff is consistently the rudest bunch in the air. Friendly skies, my ass.
  • Loved The Queen
  • Did not really like 1 vs 100. It's no Deal or No Deal.
  • We are actually watching Vas or No Vas on Telemundo right now, which I think is better than Deal or No Deal.
OK that's enough

Friday, January 05, 2007

And now something from George


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Taqueria Cancun on Mission and 19th Isn't as Good or Consistent as it Used To Be

There! I said it!

Yesterday, I ate yet another disappointing burrito from Taqueria Cancun on Mission and 19th. It marked the first burrito of the new year, a time to look forward, yet it echoed a continued, frightening trend at one of the most highly regarded burrito establishments in San Francisco: Their burritos are inconsistent.

Sometimes the burrito is perfect. A friend of mine wrote the best description ever of the Taqueria Cancun burrito in the SF Bay Guardian many years ago which perfectly captured what can be one of the most amazing experiences in cheap eating ever. I dare not try and re-conjure his ode right now. Suffice it to say, they can be extremely good, aside from the post meal bloating and guilt.

More recently, however, the main feeling I have after eating one is a longing for my lost youth, for a time when life was reckless, when the Magic Donut and Burgr [sic] shop was not a pharmacy, and when my metabolism functioned fast enough to process the whole log with cold, clean efficiency.

Here are some of my theories as to the TC's burrito downturn:

This could be the main factor. There is a real art to the mix of the 'to. And there is one guy at Cancun who's really damn good. You know the guy, right? Looks a bit older than everyone else, has a goatee, and if he's in the pit, you got some good times coming. When he's absent, it's burrito roulette. I think his technique allows a little more liquid from the beans and salsa to spill into the tortilla which is crucial because my main complaint now is that

The burritos are tasting too dry
A burrito should be juicy. There should be mingling of meat juice and salsa juice and bean juice and melted cheese should also serve as a helpful flavor epoxy. But there now seem to be juice dams set up in the burrito these days which allow for some bites with moisture and some that are as dry as the Black Rock Desert. What's one of the major inconvenient truths contributing to this?

Too Much Rice
Especially the one I had yesterday. I had a couple bites that were all tortilla and rice. What up with that? Compounding the problem might be

The Pinto Beans
They are no longer reliable in their deliciousness. About half the time the beans are tasting a little pasty, overcooked and flavorless. Did they take out the lard maybe? PUT BACK THE LARD! What did they do? It's bothering me.

Finally, I think

They're getting too large
They're already enormous. Larger only seems to prolong the disappointment.

I haven't been to Cancun farther up on Mission, but I hear from trusted sources/brothers that it's a more reliable experience up there. It may just come down to the fact that the one on near 19th is really too busy.

I'm not going to give up on them, though. I hope some of these issues are reversible in 2007. It pains me to look at all the hipsters in their scruffy short Dickie pants and dirty caps and oversized sunglasses thinking they're enjoying the ultimate burrito when I know the truth: That they really should have been in San Francisco in the late 90's.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

It's 2007. The sun is out. It's not as cold as yesterday.