Sunday, March 12, 2006

Trip Prep

Mark and I are readying our venture into Spain and France. Much
remains to be done, such as packing and putting all the travel
documents into a folder. I think that folder project may alone take a
few hours. Plus there's all the stuff I have to get done before I get
to the travel document folder.

What is all that stuff, you may ask?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

10 Things on My Mind Right Now

1. We're Still Evolving!
2. That song "nice day" by the Persephone Bees. Are they Swedes?
3. Grant writing and it's ability to lower my self esteem.
4. The Time-Out Travel book series. I think I need to move away from
"sights" and hit the culture and food sections.
5. Trader Joe's arriving in New York City. Welcome, New York, to the
new millennium,
6. The stubble on my back.
7. What's in the fridge? String Cheese!
8. What to do with the live Christmas tree that's sitting on our
porchette after the rains stop watering it so well.
9. Running low on that great new ID lube.
10. This BBC story I heard on the radio that interviewed a member of
the Phelps family church (of Fred Phelps). This congregation is going
to funerals of soldiers who have died in Iraq and are holding up "God
hates fags" signs and protesting. Apparently, the American soldiers in
Iraq are dying due to the fact that the gays are taking over the USA..
I guess they had to up the ante to get the news coverage. Marketing is
getting tougher for their hate. Simple anti-gay signs are old news, so
now they must select more random locations to get a little buzz going.
I suggest they protest the Girl Scout cookie tables. We're all going
to die of the partially hydrogenated oils that are still in those
cookies (even though Oreo seems to have gotten them out). The oils are
still in the cookies cuz God hates us! Kiss you arteries goodbye

Which also brings me to the academy awards. I'm not that bummed. I
thought the big gay victory was in 1999, when American Beauty won. Who
wasn't gay who worked on that film?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Academy Awards Roundup

What happened to the Thalberg award?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

I could use this to procrastinate!

Just like I am right now! It feels a little more productive than, say,
reading craigslist. I'm warming up. Warming up my fingers for an
afternoon of great creativity and line cutting! Awesome! Now, what
should I write about that would be interesting to read?

I ate Henry's Hunan for lunch yesterday and suffered severe stomach
cramping for a few hours afterwards. I generally have a strong stomach
which treats me well, except for the occasional light nausea around
11:30 AM. I don't think I've ever gotten the stomach flu.

I was wondering if stomach flu actually exists. The only time it comes
up is when you need an excuse to get out of work for 1- 2 days.
Apparently stomach flu is a short term flu, leaving you healthy and
ready to work after a difficult 24-48 hour period. That is, if it's
real, and not an urban myth propogated by employees.

Speaking of flu, we're off to Europe soon! Mark (boyfriend) and I head
to Spain and France where we are going to eat as much chicken,
pheasant, and assorted fowl as possible. Plus, lots of ham when we're
in Madrid. mmm. Ham. Very excited for the trip, some beautiful
sights, fun buildings, avoiding pickpockets (which apparently is the
only crime that occurs in Europe. Well, that, and ethnic rioting.)

OK, all this flu talk has got me ready to work on my play. oh blog, I
like what we have starting up between us.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I have this habit of writing a post and then deleting it. I just did that. I was writing about all the community sites I belong to (friendster, myspace, yelp, yahoo groups). And then, I thought, no. I don't need to talk about that. I don't think that's very interesting to...most people.

I need a special purpose. For the blog. I have the special purpose sorted out in the life part. I think.

In the meantime, will someone tell me why this picture of me is getting 10,000 hits a month on myspace?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have nothing to say yet. But I will. I promise. Sort of. Half promise.