Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Castro in the 70's in the now

Thanks to the Gus Van Zandt movie being shot in San Francisco about Harvey Milk (starring Sean Penn as Milk...hmmm), The Castro has been getting a 70's makeover! Store signs are getting replaced with the names of shops from the time, and a re-tooling of the Castro Theatre sign back to 70's coloring.

I walked down Castro Street the other day and I saw a guy who was probably in his 20s in the 70's run up to his friend shouting "Our favorite bar is back!" pointing to the "Toad Hall" groovy sign that was now marking the entrance of the bar now referred to as '440 Booze' (aka Daddy's). I found that a sweet moment.

Many pics here

SFist post


Blogger GayCities said...

I posted a bunch of photos of the shoot and Gus van Sant, Emile Hirsch and Sean Penn here:


6:31 PM  
Blogger pnachtrieb said...

Thanks, gaycities!

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