Thursday, October 25, 2007

making fun of the 'bu

Mark and I are very much enjoying the Chevy Malibu commercial with the bank robbers. I think any current Malibu owners/drivers would appreciate its honesty. I looked for it on the youtube but can't find it. Darn union!

It should be pointed out that Chevy Malibu is noticeable in Safeway parking lots where Mark has been asked multiple times if he'd like to get his dents removed for cheap by people roaming the parking lot in their cars. And when they ask, they always refer to the car by it's name (As in "would you like me to remove the dents on your Malibu?") Very suspicious.

Speaking of unions, I think if the stage hands go on strike on Broadway, some theater in NY needs to host staged readings performed by the union members. How about a large cast show? The Time of Your Life, perhaps? Coram Boy?

Speaking of length and time of life, would the gentleman with bronchitis or emphysema who lives next door to me please cover his mouth when coughing? I'm starting to imitate the noise you make as though you are a catchy pop song. At least limit coughings Between 11AM and 11PM. Thank you.


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