Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I've done in the past couple weeks

  • I watched my play, T.I.C. close. Sad, but the last weekend was incredible. I miss it. I'm sad. But now I have to do other things to not be sad and be creative once again. Check out some pics from the show.
  • I worked on my taxes. Good lord they take forever. Tomorrow I'm pulling out the tape measure to double check the size of the home office.
  • I went to the gym
  • I went to some bars
  • Mark and I have been on an Ugly Betty DVD frenzy
  • Caught up on Lost, Top Chef
  • I went to Kentucky, worked with amazing people on this sweet little thing. It's an evening about rites of passage and it's hilarious and touching with an amazing cast of 21 folks who are talented and awesome. I do keep getting the nagging feeling that a teacher is going to come in and bust us. Louisville continues to charm me.
  • Hunter Gatherers got extended in Los Angeles. Go Furious!

and that's it...but now more work begins

I also get to release the blog from purely self promotional duties. That is, when I have something non self-promotional and interesting to say.

almost there.


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