Wednesday, January 25, 2012

boom in Kuala Lumpur

Finding out about such things is why I google myself.

This would be my Asian continent premiere (to my best knowledge.  I'm not sure what's been MegaUploaded)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An interview w me on Howlround

A little while ago, I chatted with David Dower on the phone about the playwriting life in San Francisco for Howlround.  I don't know how titllating an interview it is, but here it is!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Hunter Gatherers in Phoenix and Portland

Both with enticing meat pictures!

Hunter Gatherers in Phoenix at Actors Theatre of Phoenix
Now Through Jan 15

Hunter Gatherers in Portland, OR at Theatre Vertigo
Opening today through Feb 4

knock their socks off, guys!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

the 2011/2012 professional update

Greetings from Peter Nachtrieb and Happy 2012! 

So far, I've begun 2012 with a ritual sage stick smudging, a lot of pork, my very first spin class and a sore taint.  2011 was quite a year and I'm feeling pretty excited about how 2012 is unfolding so far.  Of course, I'm sorry to be losing all of my Mayan friends later this year.  You will be missed!  For those of you remaining after the rapture, it is my hope that my work will continue to entertain you.   Here's a little recap and preview of things I've been doing/am up to:

2 Nachtrieb plays premiered in 2011 and both were a blast to work on:

BOB - A Life in 5 Acts

BOB had its smashing world premiere this year at the concisely named Humana Festival For New American Plays at Actors Theatre of Louisville, directed by the Sean "The Wizard in a Tie"  Daniels.  A dreamy cast and production (that featured a lot of light bulbs), plus a lot of complimentary Krave Kases from White Castle.  BOB received a fantastic second production up at Sacramento's B Street Theatre this summer (with some rewrites to boot).  BOB will be published in the 2011 Humana Festival Complete Play collection coming out this winter/spring.   You can read more about the play, including some handy pullquotes, here

Upcoming Production: BOB will be playing for 3 performances at the A.R.T. Institute in Cambridge, MA at the Oberon Theatre.
Feb 29-March 2 More info here

LITTER:  The True Story of the Framingham Dodecutuplets
Originally commissioned for ACT's MFA class of 2011 and directed by Mark "The Beard" Rucker, Litter had a wild and fun run last March in San Francisco.  It featured big musical numbers, twelve person scenes where everyone spoke at the same time, and some amazing pink jumpsuits.
Read more about the play here
About the A.C.T. production and awesome photos
Hear the closing song (composed by Niko Tsakalakos)

Hopefully BOB and LITTER will continue to find more homes in the coming years!


While nothing is officially premiering this year, I'm working on some new stuff which I'm pretty excited about.  A couple highlights:

A new play
A commission for the National New Play Network from the New Dramatists Full Stage Program.
It's a play about lying, language as violence, violence as language, and how to believe things without facts.   Featuring one of the most magnetic and dubious candidates for public office you will ever meet, her speechwriter, the speechwriter's husband and a conspiracy theorist with alterior motives.  On the darker side.  I'm a draft and a half in so a lot could change but I'm pretty sure the stabbing and the drunken sex scene will remain.  I'm not so sure about the colon exam scene. 
The show will have a reading at the NNPN showcase next fall and will be premiering during the 2013-14 season (location TBA), provided that Earth still exists.

A new musical
A musical comedy about a small town that is gradually sinking into the ground and nobody wants to do anything about it, except for an intrepid group of teenagers who must overcome their apathy to save their home. Think The Poseidon Adventure meets The Music Man.  That's not exactly right.
Composing and Co-lyricising is the phenomenally talented Nikos Tsakalakos, writer of Pool Boy and the composer for the A.C.T. production of my play Litter.  Check his stuff out here
Niko just finished recording a few of the songs for the show.  Maybe at some point we can tease you with some of them!

(I'm also working on a few other projects in the works that are not worth mentioning yet)

My published plays, boom, Hunter Gatherers, and Colorado continue to find people interested in doing them (boom has now had over 50 productions. Holler!  )  
And sentimental fave T.I.C. (Trenchcoat In Common) found a fantastic and fearless second production at Fresno State this past fall, which I had the pleasure of being able to check out and enjoy.
If you are one of those people who have produced a play of mine, thank you!!!

Keep tabs on my professional career: is the most up to date and comprehensive spot for PSN info.
I also post fairly regularly on my Facebook, and fairly irregularly on my blog (here) And I still hate Twitter so don't look for me on twitter because I'm not on it.

That's all for now, thank you for reading.  And may your 2012 bring you at least 40% of the things you wish!