Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey writers! Having a hard time raising the stakes in your work? here's an idea!

Thank you, Jon, for sharing this.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A wedding banquet

I was fortunate to attend my friend's Wedding Banquet last night and I think, upon conclusion, that it has totally redefined what a banquet really is and that I had never ever been to one before last night.

Here's what we ate (each course comes out one by one)

Course 1: platter of good fortune. Octopus, seaweed, jellyfish, beef shank and pork

Course 2: double happiness. Prawns and glazed walnuts

Course 3: shrimp mousse wrapped deep fried crab claw

Course 4: warmth and abundance: chicken ham ginseng double boiled soup. (you just eat the broth and it's meant to be an aphrodesiac)

Course 5: Peking duck (skin served separately for you to put on delicious bun with sauce)

Course 6: dried scallops, roasted garlic and shanghai bok choy

Course 7: smoked sea bass

Course 8: savory ham shitake mushrooms over pea shoots

Motherfuckin course 9: Ginger and scallion Maine lobster!!!

Course 10: crispy roast chicken

Course 11: cake!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Does this guy have some sort of record deal or tv show yet?

he's still at it! brilliant

20th Street - The View