Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back From Atlanta

 Just spent the week in the ATL for the final previews and opening of BOB at The Aurora Theatre and it was a delightful time. Directed by Sean Daniels (who directed the World Premiere production 2 years ago), the show has tightened and sharpened since its first production. Our set was the same as the Humana show, albeit a little bit smaller in size to accomodate a less gargantuan theatre. The new all-Atlantan cast was as lovely as their southern accented characters impeccable.

 The show moves up to Geva Theatre in Rochester, NY starting March 7

I didn't see any Housewives, alas. I was hoping to tell somebody to "close their legs to married men."

 After some delicious barbecue at Fat Matt's, Sean and I got to take in the majestic Atlanta Cyclorama, the "World's Largest Oil Painting" which depicts in graphic detail the Battle of Atlanta. You sit in stadium seating in the middle of the painting which then rotates around so you can slowly take in all the carnage that is taking place. Theres a diorama in front of the cyclorama to make the painting feel like it's crawling our towards you. Somehow Clark Cable worked his way into the diorama portion.


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