Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome Space Brothers the Screening!

Yes people, after 11 years in the making, our movie is done!

A film written and directed by George Nachtrieb (my brother)

World Premiere Screening

Welcome Space Brothers follows an extraterrestrial, newlywed couple on a daring mission to save their tiny planet from total destruction at the hands of evil Mrrgh creatures. They must travel to distant Earth in a Space-Box to rescue a marooned Wizard who has the power to defend their home.

WITH: Robb Webb, Mara Gerstein, Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, James Bewley, Warren David Keith, Kimberly Richards, Sally Dana, Doug Kassel, Anne Zesiger, John Remak, Bill Donoghue, Erin Bradley, Frank Castro, Joe Paulino, Thessaly Lerner, Duane Schirmer, David Berkson, Phillip Walker, Jerry Van De Veere, Richard Thornduke III and Daniel Lee

WRITTEN AND DIRECTED by George G. Nachtrieb
PRODUCED BY: George & Peter Nachtrieb
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Frank Castro DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Julie Kirkwood EDITOR David Klagsbrun ORIGINAL SCORE Eban Schletter ANIMATION Grendel Nasturtium

SCREENING: Saturday June 12 at Z Space Studio at Artaud

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My heartfelt congratulations!

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