Thursday, October 29, 2009

boom is going crazy right now, and Hunter Gatherers is going!

I am a little overwhelmed, amazed and delighted by the number of booms happening, and a Hunter Gatherers to boot!

Here's what's up:

Cincinatti, Ohio
boom at the Know Theatre, Cincinnati
NOW through Nov 7!

boom at the Actors Theatre of Phoenix
NOW through November 8

boom @ Cardinal Stage, Bloomington Indiana
NOW through November 13 (I'll be there nov 5 & 6)


boom at Flashpoint Theatre Company Philadelphia, PA
NOW through November 21 (I'm there Nov 8)


Hunter Gatherers at Theatre Exile, Philadelphia, PA
NOW through November 22 (I'll be there November 7)

phew, and we got the hometown production coming up very soon. woot woot!


Blogger EM Lewis said...

You rock, Peter! I love all the different posters/images for the show. Congratulations! It's a great play -- can't wait until it comes to my neighborhood.


3:30 PM  

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