Friday, July 17, 2009

stuff going on

It's mid July, and I got older last week. I'm feeling good.

here's some mostly self promotional stuff:

  • Hooray to the Lights Out Theatre Company in Chicago who, I believe, performed their opening night of one acts tonight which includes my play Multiplex, in its first out of bay area performance. Go go!
  • I'm acting in staged reading at the Bay Area Playwrights Festival this and next weekend. Yes, it's a rare public performance that does not include being semi-improvisational or murder and mystery (though the play I'm in has both) I'm acting in Julia Jarcho's wildly curious and brilliant American Treasure, a play about history and Pocahantas and genre and words and hats and vultures and a lot more. Check out the festival with all the great plays, and Julia's play is up Sat at 8 and Next sat at noon!
  • I went to the beyonce and the coldplay concert. They were both quite enjoyable.


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