Friday, March 02, 2018

Muses and Stimulations

We had a Salon at Z Space on Monday and asked folks what is sparking their interest these days:  A form/topic/person/issue/medium/whatever.  Here's what people said:

Layering Images/Sounds *elemental
Passion and curiosity (opposite of stubborness)
Text Mixing
Where do I come from
Where am I going
New Immersive Audience Experiences
I’m interested in mixing artistic mediums
Pop Music
Finding the right container for work rather than relying on known structures/forms/containers
Cultural appropriation - who has a right to do what
Having a voice as a woman in her 50s
Places I’m not welcome
National color of countries
Silver Nitrate
The Chill
Deep Future
Climate Change (fallout)
Sea Level Rise
Politics of Hair
Open relationships
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Tossing Character Back and Forth Like Hot Potato
Are we post human
People’s life philosophy, esp in books, after they die.
How do we get here and how do we get out?
The reason for doing something
Explosion of Anrachists (1917) Emma Goldman
Shared or shareable units/bits of thoughts
Resin Art (spontaneous art work, uncontrolled circumstances and their results)
Channelling and mediumship
Tarot and exploring intuition
How belief systems can change on a dime
Racism & Comedy
Audience as participant/artist and are we all equal
Laughter in tragedy
Is it possible to write an engaging, serious story that has a happy ending?
Unknowability and character.  curious about stereotypes.
Discovery of new ideas and perspectives that breaks your mold of the world.
Cosmic Origins.  *on a rick hurling through space.
Listening - how to listen better to other people in life while making work
being a traveler in my own ?? (I can’t read it!)

Also, should I start blogging again?


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